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Why do not you show your power in Ninomiya system?

As the advanced information society progresses rapidly, the development of multimedia equipment is remarkable, demands for high performance of portable terminal equipment, light weight, thin shape, and miniaturization are increasing.
Printed circuit boards are constantly evolving to meet these demands.
In Ninomiya System, we have developed various wet process equipment based on development and etching finishing technology that we have cultivated over many years, and have accumulated achievements.
Also in the flat display industry we are manufacturing wet lines that require cleanliness including LCD / PDP cleaning equipment.
Ninomiya Systems will strive to respond promptly to rapid technological innovation in the electronics industry and actively develop new products, and we would like to continue to make products that meet the needs of our customers.
Please continue to grow and always demonstrate your power in the Ninomiya system.



Recruitment job category Technical sales
Job description Technical sales of the manufacturing equipment
Experience and skill The person who has an experience with knowledge in a PCB manufacture process.
The person who has a business experience.
System of employment Regular employee
Work location Headquarters / 1-10-17,Fukumachi, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
*There is no transfer
Working hours 9:00~17:30
Service, welfare program, Raise in salary once a year (April), A bonus twice a year
Various social insurance perfection (employment, industrial accident, health, employee’s pension) Retirement allowance
Various allowance (overtime, business trip, managerial position, perfect attendance, housing, family, lunch, qualification)
Holiday vacation Complete a five-day work week (Saturday, Sunday), national holiday
New Year’s holiday, summer vacation, paid holiday, special leave for weddings and funerals

High-precision etching equipment | PCB manufacturing equipment

DEES line | Film touch panel manufacturing equipment

Thin glass plate single cleaning equipment | FPD manufacturing equipment

ITO etching equipment | FPD manufacturing equipment