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Pride to be the expert of the wet process equipment


An advanced information society is in rapid progress, and with spectacular development of multimedia device, more functions and high-definition display for portable device have been increasingly demanded.

The PC boards continue always evolving in order to answer these demands. Ninomiya System manufactured the manufacturing equipment in various wet processes based on long-held refined technologies of development and etching. Also, our company manufactures the wet line such as LCD/PDP washing equipment that the cleanliness is required in the flat display industry.

Our company keeps trying to immediately response to the trend toward rapid technical innovation and globalization in the electronics industry to actively develop new products, and also, continue making a product in accord with the need of our customers.

Ninomiya System CO., Ltd.

Hiraku Niko

Three prides of the Ninomiya System


1Refined Technology

We design in combination Nozzle arrangement, Nozzle characteristics, Oscillation, the Pressure adjustment generally and reproduce Fine.

2Thin Board Transport Technology

Experience and the results are indispensable to transport a thin board without damage.  We added an inventive idea and realized certain transportation. 

3High Reliability

As for the equipment made for a higher level, customer is relieved and comes by use. Our company does not negligence on equipment manufacturing.

Company profile & History


Company name Ninomiya System Co., Ltd.
Address 1-10-17,Fukumachi, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka,
5550034, Japan
TEL: +81-6-6472-0126
FAX: +81-6-4808-3166

Capital ¥30,000,000
President Hiraku Niko
Number of employees 41
Business Outline ・Designing, manufacturing and selling of the overall PC boards / liquid crystal / semiconductor manufacturing equipment
・Designing, manufacturing and selling of supervisory board / switchboard / various automatic control device, other electric controllers, instrumentation panels, instrumentation devices and electric relays
・Designing, supervising and execution of electric equipment work and power distribution work ・Develop and market computer software
・All the business operations appurtenant to the above-described activities

1983.8 Founded as Ninomiya Electric by Hiraku Nikoh with 5 million yen in capital
1988.11 Change the company name to Ninomiya System Co. Ltd.
1995.12 Increased to 10,000,000 yen in capital.
2000.1 The factory at headquarters was moved to the current address to expend the related facilities for business expansion.
2000.6 Increased to 30,000,000 yen in capital.
2002.12 The adjacent land was purchased.
2004.5 The second factory was opened.
2008.6 ISO 9001 was obtained.
2009.1 ISO 14001 was obtained.
2009.6 The factory for the laboratory was purchased.
2010.4 Acquired the Safety Sub-Assessor qualification.
2011.12 The factory for the laboratory was opened.

High-precision etching equipment | PCB manufacturing equipment

DEES line | Film touch panel manufacturing equipment

Thin glass plate single cleaning equipment | FPD manufacturing equipment

ITO etching equipment | FPD manufacturing equipment